Make a Donation

Make a donation by contacting our Director of Public Relations at or by completing and mailing this form along with your contribution to TGRC. You can also make a monetary donation online by visiting our donations page.

Donations come in many forms. Whether monetary or in goods and services, donations are another way to ensure TGRC continues to be successful.

  • Monetary donations are always welcome and are most versatile to meet the needs of the organization. Specific donations can be earmarked for use by the donor if requested.
  • Matching Gifts are often available from corporations to support the arts in the local community. Check with your company for the opportunity to match all or part of your donation. Our Treasurer will be happy to provide documentation of your donation for submission.
  • Sponsorships help ensure our shows are of the highest quality by offsetting the high cost of production, as well as providing an opportunity for the sponsor to receive recognition. Please note that TGRC reserves the right to refuse sponsorships and/or program inserts which do not meet standards as defined in our Policies.
  • Period clothing in good condition is always a valuable asset and can be donated by contacting our Costume Chairperson @
  • Furniture can also be a beneficial addition to our inventory, although storage space is limited. If you have items for our consideration, contact our Director of Technical Theatre @ for information.