Sample Monologues for Young Actors

Below are some example monologues with suggested ages.

Monologue: (Greek for SPEAKING ALONE) a form of dramatic entertainment with ONE SPEAKER

(Not all auditions require a monologue. See the Show page for details on the audition requirements.)

“So Cute”

Girl, 8-11

Oh My gosh! Do you think he likes me? (shrieks) He is sooooo cute. So cute! I can’t believe he came over and started talking to me. Oh my gosh, do I look okay? Did I look alright when he was talking to me? Oh my gosh, I feel my face is red, I feel hot. Was my face red when he was talking to me? Was I blushing? Oh my gosh, was I BLUSHING?! No, No? I was cool? I was cool? Okay good. (laughs) I was soooo nervous. So nervous! Up close, he has these really dark blue eyes. So dreamy! So So dreamy! (laughs) (the boy she likes happens to walk by) (to her friends) Shh! Shhh! (laughs) He is so cute!

“Cleaning Up Poop”

Boy, 8-11

Alright I’ll do it ma. Jes’. Always bothering me to do stuff for ya. Gosh..Why can’t you ask Charles to do it? (Charles is biff’s brother) Ma? Why can’t you ask Charles to do it? How come I always have to be the one to clean up the dog's poop in the yeard? He never does it! I know it’s my dog but everybody plays with Sheba so why shouldn’t everybody chip in to clean up her poop? It’s not fair ma and you know it. Then nobody is allowed to pet her. If nobody wants to clean her poop up, then nobody is aloud to pet her. You can’t return Sheba ma! Come on! Alright, alright I’ll clean up her poop but I still think that this isn’t fair. No, ma! I said I’m gonna clean it. I’m cleaning it now! Just putting on my sneakers. You happy???

“No Show and Tell”

Girl, 8-11

Mommy, why didn’t daddy show up to my show and tell today? (beat) But I waited in class for him and he should have called. I told my teacher that he was a plumber and he was supposed to come in school today and show all his tools. My daddy was the only one who wasn’t there. All the other daddy’s were there mom. (beat) It’s not fair. I don’t want to call him up on the phone and I don’t care if he’s sorry. He said he was coming and he lied to me. He’s a liar! I’m mad at him and am not talking to him. He said he was coming and he lied to me and my friends were laughing and making fun of me mom. He should have called my teacher Mrs. Kutcher on the phone and tell her he wasn’t coming. I made drawings and everything.

“A Regular Kid”

Boy/Girl, 12-14

I’ve always been different. Not sure why. I was always able to do these amazing drawings and paintings. People from all over the world buy my work from online. No one can believe that a fourteen year old can do what I do. I don’t know how either. They call me a prodigy but what does that really mean? I just want to be normal and have friends my own age. I love painting and drawing and I being called an artist but I want to be normal also. I have all these adults around, analyzing me. All these elaborate gallery events in the city and stuff. It’s cool and all but I just want to hang out with my friends. I just want to do what kids do. Maybe I will take a break from everything. What do you think I should do?

“I Liked Her First”

Boy, 11-14

Bobby knew I liked Debbie first. He’s a traitor. He said he was my best friend. If he was my best friend he never would have kissed Debbie. He did it behind my back and I hate him for it. He lied to me. He said that he was going to the gym to play basketball after school but what he really did was took Debbie to the ice cream parlor like a sneak. I don’t ever want to talk to him again. He can have his stupid video games back and his stupid comic books back. I would throw them out but I know they are really important to him. I should, but I won’t. I hope he never tries to be my friend again because I will spit on him. And I don’t ever want to look at Debbie again. I don’t want to know them anymore for as long as I live!