Board of Directors & Chairpersons

The business of TGRC is conducted under the guidance of the Board of Directors and aided by appointed Committee Chairpersons, any of whom can be contacted via the email addresses below.

Justin Bulla

Artistic Director

Beverly Burke

Beverly Burke

Executive Director

Donna Compton

Claire Murphy

1st Vice President

(Main Stage Theatre)

Amy Dowdle

2nd Vice President

(Children's Theatre)

Stephanie Wood

Director of House Management

Andy Fuller

Director of Technology

Megan Christy

Megan Christy

Director of Public Relations

MaKia Aikens

Director of Technical Theatre

Lisa French

Kristin Cardwell

Kim Everhart

Member At Large

Shannon Lucas

Shannon Lucas

Member At Large

Vickie Griffin

Vickie Griffin

Member At Large

Chair Positions:

Auditions - Katie & Evan Tanner (email)

Headshots - Kim Woods (email)

Costumes - Emily Sizemore (email)

Props - Nicole Weintraub (email)

Archives - Lisa Worthington-Grace

Stargrams - Laurie Suthard & Hayley Smith

Warehouse Manager - Tom Murphy (email)