Casting Our Shows

The Theatre Guild has been successful in its ability to attract talented individuals from Rockingham County and beyond for our performances both on stage and behind the scenes. We would like to take a moment to explain how individuals are cast to perform in our shows. Please understand that the Guild's number one goal for each performance is to bring our audiences the best show possible.

The hiring of the production staff which includes the director, and if necessary, the musical director and choreographer is the first step in the casting process for each show. The Guild does not pre-cast shows. Ultimately, the decision of casting a show falls on the production team.

Directors have to visualize everything that goes into making a show come to life. How well one fits into the director's vision will play a major role in determining whether or not you are cast in a particular show. Looks, age, height and similarities among those auditioning are taken into consideration during the casting processs. Even the best actor may not be cast in a show because they do not fit the vision the director has for a particular role or for the show as a whole. Many times, actors transitioning from the Children's Theatre into Main Stage productions may find themselves faced with an entirely different set of challenges when auditioning with experienced individuals.

We hope this information has provided a better understanding of the Guild's casting process as well as encourage new faces to come out and audition. We'll look forward to seeing you at our next audition!

TGRC Board