Steal Away


Director: Robin T. Rich-McGhie

Stage Manager: Liah Haith

Assistant Stage Manager/Props: Sakile' Haith-Ince

Sound Engineer: Karlos King

Light Design: Tom Murphy

Set Builder: Colin McGhie

Costumes: Felicia Vestal

Producer:  Donna Compton


Thursday, March 21 @ 7:30

Friday, March 22 @ 7:30

Saturday, March 23 @ 7:30

Sunday, March 24 @ 2:30

Rockingham Community College

Advanced Technologies Building

560 County Home Rd, Wentworth NC


Tracy: Shelby Johnson

Stella: Linda Morton

Sudy: Violet “Dee Dee” Mitchell

Jade: Paris “Michelle” White

Renita (Redd): Cheryl Leath

Bluiah (Blu): Quatisha McMurty

Francis: Carolyn Harris

This saga is the story of five upstanding church ladies, Stella, Sudy, Redd, Jade, and Blu who are trying to raise money to send young Negro women to college during the great depression by holding bake sales and other fundraisers.  Their latest beneficiary, Tracy Ada, has ideas that are more ambitious.  She wants them to rob a bank.  At the same time, John Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson are on a bank robbing spree in and around Chicago.  Of course, the ladies are reluctant to do anything that drastic, but when they are turned down at the bank for a loan to send another young woman to college because the bank manager does not think that “colored girls” need an education, the ladies decide to join in Tracy Ada’s scheme.