October 18, 2019 at 7:30pm

October 19, 2019 at 2:30pm and 7:30pm

October 20, 2019 at 2:30pm

Rockingham County High School


  • Director: Jean-Marie Buckley
  • Stage Manager: Stephanie/Christopher Wood
  • Producer: Amy Dowdle/Claire Murphy
  • Musical Director: Christy Elkins
  • Choreographer: Ashley Brown
  • Set/Sound: Evan Tanner

Thank you so much for everyone that came out for auditions. The casting process was grueling due to the amazing amount of talent we had. If you weren't cast, please understand that sometimes it has less to do with talent level and more to do with other considerations such as conflicts, heights, ages, etc. We had a large amount of children audition and not enough spots to cast everyone. We encourage ALL OF YOU to come audition for Frozen, Jr in November.

Set build is an integral part of this show. We will need all the help we can get for this. There will be a sign up sheet at company meeting and every family is expected to participate. There will be nights that are good for people with no technical skill and nights for people with a lot of technical skill. This is very important.

Company meeting is at 2pm on Sunday, August 25. An email about script deposits will be sent to those who need scripts. T shirt orders, break a leg ads, and videos are encouraged to be purchased at company meeting but are ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. T shirts are $15, and $17 for adult XXL-XXXL. Break a leg ads (to be placed in our program) are $35 for full page, $25 for half page, $15 for quarter page, or $5 per tribute ad. Videos are $25. T shirt samples and more information about break a legs will be available at company meeting. Please make checks for Break A Legs and Tshirts to TGRC, and for videos to RCENO. Also, we will be taking headshots at company meeting so please wear jewel tone shirts with no writing or logos. A costumer will be there to take measurements.

Cast List

We are so excited to get started. Please email to accept your role.

Annie: Georgia Wood

Warbucks: Rod Speight

Grace Farrell: Emily Wiley

Molly: Norah Mize

Kate: Jezie Salvador

Tessie: Gabriella Flores

Pepper: Chloe Motsinger

July: Audrey Shaw

Duffy: Eliza Sparks

Drake: Gabriel Wood

Mrs. Pugh: Ashley Barker

Mrs. Greer: Thea Dowdle

Cecille: Abby Lucas

Annette: Tara Monday

Mrs. Hannigan: Jennifer deCoste

Rooster: Chip Barnette

Lily: Katelyn Tanner

Star to Be: Jessica Read

Bert Healy: Justin Bulla

Roosevelt: Byron Poindexter

Boylan Sisters: Laurie Suthard, Ashley Barker, Sophie Wood

Mr. Bundles: Gabriel Wood

Dogcatcher: Caleb Williams

Assistant Dog Catcher: Thea Dowdle

Apple Seller: Cooper Strader

Lt. Ward: Jax Barham

Ickes (Cabinet Member): Justin Bulla

Hull (Cabinet Member): Tara Monday

Morganthau (Cabinet Member): Jax Barham

Perkins (Cabinet Member): Laurie Suthard

Wacky: Braeden and Colton Seacat

Orphans: Madison Barker, Bella Bolden, Sadie Daniels, Rebekah Dowdle, Ana Grace Hazelwood, Maryann Kingsmill, Gracie Lucas, Madison McChesney, Leila Monday, Maddie Morrison, Riley Suthard, Olivia Walker, Hailey Walker, Addison Woods

Ensemble: Jax Barham, Ashley Barker, Layton Daniels, McKayla Doom, Thea Dowdle, Holli Elkins, Rob Hardy, Annabel Hayes, Jacob Jackson, Maggie Lathrop, Abby Lucas, Rush Monday, Tara Monday, Brenna Morrison, Chandler Poindexter, Jenna Robertson, Cooper Strader, Laurie Suthard, Steven Thomas, Trinity Tillett, Caleb Williams, Jordan Ziglar