Mary Poppins

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Thank you to all the amazing talent that came to try out for this show. You made casting this show very hard! If you were not cast, please keep trying! Annie Auditions will be in August and there are roles for the whole family!

Company meeting is Friday, March 29 at 6:30 at Rockingham County High School and is required for all cast. Please come prepared to purchase a script if you are a named character. Please wear a solid colored, jewel-toned shirt with no graphics or writing for your cast headshot.

If you would like to decline your role, please email Justin Bulla at by 1pm on March 29 as common theatre courtesy.

Cast List

Bert - Bradley McBribe

Mary Poppins -Jessica Read

George Banks - Alan Tutterow

Winifred Banks -Jean-Marie Buckley

Jane Banks - Addison Woods

Michael Banks -Layton Daniels

Katie Nanna -Peggy Bazakas (plus Adult Ensemble)

Policeman - Caleb Williams (plus Adult Ensemble)

Miss Lark - Emily Wiley (plus Adult Ensemble)

Admiral Boom -Byron Poindexter (Plus Adult Ensemble)

Mrs. Brill - Katie Tanner

Robertson Ay - Brandyn Myers

Park Keeper/Von Hussler -Nick Parleir

Neleus/Valentine - Karamie Walsh

Queen Victoria - Tina Griffin (plus Adult Ensemble)

Bank Chairman -Danny Tanner (plus Adult Ensemble)

Miss Smythe - Adina Tompkins (plus Adult Ensemble)

John Northbrook - Isaiah Searcy (plus Adult Ensemble)

Bird Woman - Jennifer deCoste

Mrs Corry - Christy Walsh (plus Adult Ensemble)

Miss Andrew - Marcy Pyrtle

Statue Dancers: Lilyana Lowe, Josie Powell

Toy Ensemble: Leila Monday, Trinity Tibbett, Chloe Hampton, Haleigh Cassell, Blair Brown, Karsyn Wilson (plus Child Ensemble), Taylor Revis, Maddie Morrison, Makenzi Willis (plus Child Ensemble), Nathan Wiles, Gracie Lucas

Step In Time Chimney Sweeps: Karamie Walsh, Katie Tanner, Lilyana Lowe, Nathaniel Wiles, Blair Brown, Karsyn Wilson, Taylor Revis, Josie Powell, Emily Wiley, Makenzi Willis, Jenna Robertson (Adult Ensemble), Janna Powell, Tara Monday, Abby Lucas

Child Ensemble (Jolly Holiday and Let’s Go Fly A Kite): Chandler Poindexter, Hailey Walker, Karsyn Wilson, Makenzi Willis, Rebekah Dowdle, Ana Grace Hazelwood, Annabel Hayes, Jaxon Wilson, Jacob Jackson, Bryan Gwynn, Gavin Nykamp, Chase Green, Braeden Seacat, Colton Seacat

Teenage Ensemble: Holli Elkins, Thea Dowdle, Rachael Cardwell, Courtney Walker, Sara Williams, Daniela Pirada, Jessie Aschenbrand, Ariana Weil-Frazier, Rob Hardy, Lizzie Janey

Adult Ensemble: Victoria Cunningham, Mary Hardy, Maggie Lathrop


June 20th, 21st, and 22nd - 7:30

June 23rd - 2:30

Reidsville High School

Production Staff

Director - Justin Bulla

Music Director - Dr. Christy Elkins

Choreographer - Melanie Paschal Wiles

Stage Manager - Molly Miller

Set Construction: - Evan Tanner

Character List

Ensemble: Mary Poppins features a large ensemble of singers and dancers in a variety of supporting roles. Mary Poppins includes a number of dance styles, including tap, ballet, jazz, and other genres.

Bert: Bert is a chimney sweep and a jack-of-all trades. Charming and charismatic. Must move well. Late 20's to mid 30's. Baritone to G.

Mary Poppins: Jane and Michael's nanny, Mary Poppins is a dazzling personality and a force to be reckoned with. Mid 20s. Mezzo Soprano with a strong top.

Mr. George Banks: A bank manager, Mr. Banks is father to Jane and Michael. He tries to be a good provider, but often forgets how to be a good father. Late 30's to Early 40's. Baritone.

Mrs. Winifred Banks : A former actress, Mrs. Banks is very busy trying to live up to her husband's expectations. She is a loving, but distracted mother to Jane and Michael. Mid 30's. Mezzo Soprano.

Michael and Jane Banks: The Banks children, Jane and Michael misbehave to get attention from their parents. 9-11 years old.

Mrs. Brill: The Banks' cook, she rules the kitchen at No.17 Cherry Tree Lane. Mid 50's. Alto.

Robertson Ay: Clumsy, but good hearted, the Banks' bootman has trouble following instructions. Early 20's. Tenor.

Miss Andrew: George Banks' old nanny. Cruel and demanding. 40s to 60s. Soprano with an Alto Belt.

Katie Nanna: The last in a long line of nannies for the Banks' children, Katie Nanna can't stand any more of Jane and Michael's pranks and leaves No.17 Cherry Tree Lane.

Admiral Boom: The Banks' friendly neighbor on Cherry Tree Lane. 50's. Baritone.

Miss Lark: Another neighbor on Cherry Tree Lane, she is a bit snobby and treats her dog as a child. 30s-50s. Mezzo Soprano.

Mrs. Corry: Mysterious and very old, Mrs. Corry runs the "talking shop" where people buy conversations and gingerbread. She knew George Banks when he was just a boy. Indeterminate age. Soprano.

Neleus: A statue in the park, Neleus has lost his father, Poseidon, god of the ocean. Strong dancer, ballet experience preferred. 20s. Tenor.

The Bird Woman: She sits in front of St. Paul's Cathedral every day, selling bags of crumbs for the pigeons. 50s-60s. Alto.

The Park Keeper: A stickler for rules and regulations, the park keeper watches over the park. 40s-50s. Tenor.

Bank Chairman: The head of the bank where Mr. Banks is employed; is an Edwardian stuffed-shirt. He can speak/sing his lyrics if necessary. Male, 50s-60s. Baritone.