Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
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August 20th - 6:30pm

August 21st - 6:30pm

August 23rd - 6:30 - Callbacks if needed

Rockingham Community College Advanced Technologies Building in Auditorium


October 18th - School performances (Students must be able to be in this show if cast.)

October 19th and 20th - 7:30

October 21st - 2:30

Rockingham County High School

Production Staff

Director - Kim Everhart

Stage Manager - Makia Aikens

Costumer - Shannon Lucas

Props - Nicole Weintraub

Assistant Stage Managers - Nicole Weintraub and Tyler Bruins

Sound - Evan Tanner

Make Up - Georgia Sullivan

Thank you!

We appreciate all of you who auditioned! Can't wait to get started!

Please check the cast list carefully!

Company Meeting is on Friday, August 24th at 6:30. The location is Rockingham County High School. Please be on time. Each cast member must have an adult family member in attendance.

  • Scripts are $5.00. Cast members who have lines are required to purchase a script. If you would like a script at company meeting please have a check or cash ready. You may keep your script at the end of the show.
  • T-shirts will be $15.00, anything over an XL will be $17.00
  • We will be taking headshots at the company meeting so please wear a solid jewel toned shirt.
  • Biographies will be due on September 15th. Please keep them to 40 words or less and email your finalized bio to Kristen Cardwell at The sooner the better!
  • BREAK-A-LEGS are due by September 2nd.

Break-a-Leg Pricing:

1/4 page $15

1/2 page $25

Full page $35

Tribute ad (12 word maximum, no graphics) $5

Please follow these instructions on how to sign up for Remind texts. This will be our main form of communication.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 6:30 pm.

Cast List

*If you are unable to accept a role please email Makia Aikens, at as common theatre courtesy by 1 pm on Friday morning.*

Lewis Carroll - Kristofer Wilson

Alice #1 - Addison Woods

Alice #2 - Maddie Barrett

Alice #3 - Annie Daniels

Alice #4 - Alice Holmes

Alice #5 - Sara Williams


Blue - Elizabeth Rouse

Green - Jezie Salvador

Red - Treasure Aikens

Orange - Alyse Miller

Purple - Olivia DeFalco

White Rabbit - Amon Griffin

Caterpillar - Zacharie Peardon

Pigeon - Riley Suthard

Pete - Nathaniel Wiles

Pat - Colton Seacat

Paul - Braeden Seacat

Cheshire Cat - Thea Dowdle

Mad Hatter - Abby Lucas

Dormouse - Gracie Lucas

March Hare - Luke Williams


Flora - Abigail Salvador

Digger - Georgia Wood

Herb - Rebekah Dowdle

Tumblers/Hedgehogs - Maylin Wells, Bella Bolden

Flamingos - Audrey Shaw, Clarissa Landers

Queen of Hearts - Sophie Wood

Queen's Guards - Jacob Jackson, Rob Hardy, Mak Peardon, Gavin Nykamp, Chase Green, Jared Smith

Queen's Ladies in Waiting - Amanda Zolnowski, Ella Lockhart, Annabel Hayes, Kylie Walsh

Magical Flowers - Phoebe Edwards, Saddie Aheron, Avery O'Neil, Josie Cobb, Ellie Wilson, Clarissa Hamlin

Golden Lamps - Ana Grace Hazelwood, Eve Lockhart, Maria Wilson, Amelia De'Falco, Amber Pruitt, MaKayla Doom

Character List

*****If you are auditioning for Lewis Carroll or one of the Alices and can speak with a British accent, please come prepared to do so. If you haven't ever attempted a British accent, do not let that stop you from auditioning! We have people who can help you.*****

Lewis Carroll (M - 27 Lines)

Alice #1 (F - 27 Lines)

Alice #2 (F - 25 Lines)

Alice #3 (F-35 Lines)

Alice #4 (F-26 Lines)

Alice #5 (F-16 Lines)


Blue (M/F-13 Lines)

Green (M/F-10 Lines)

Red (M/F-13 Lines)

Orange (M/F-8 Lines)

Purple (M/F-6 Lines)

White Rabbit (M/F - 11 Lines)

Caterpillar (M/F - 7 Lines)

Pigeon (M/F-11 Lines)

Pete (M/F-8 LInes)

Pat (M/F - 7 Lines)

Cheshire Cat (M/F - 14 Lines)

Mad Hatter (M/F - 15 LInes)

Dormouse (M/F - 5 Lines)

March hare (M/F - 9 Lines)


Flora (M/F - 3 Lines)

Digger (M/F - 4 Lines)

Herb (M/F - 3 Lines)

Queen/King of Hearts (M/F - 32 Lines)

Auditions are open to ages 7 through 18.

This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Arts.