Madagascar, Jr.

Madagascar, Jr.


August 19th - 10:00

August 20th - 2:00

August 22nd - 7:00 Callbacks

Rockingham County High School


October 12th - School Performances

October 13th - 7:30 Shows

October 14th - 9:00 Breakfast,

10:30 & 7:30 Shows

October 15th - 2:30

Rockingham County High School

Production Staff

Director, Choreographer, Costumer - Rose Wray

Music Director - Beverly Burke

Props - Dale Smith

Stage Manager - Makia Aikens

ASM - Hayley Smith

Technical Director - Robert Norman

Make Up Designer - Georgia Sullivan

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Madagascar Meet and Greet Character Breakfast

Join us for a meet and greet character breakfast on Saturday, October 14th at 9:00 in the Rockingham County High School cafeteria. Cost is $5 per person for breakfast and all children must have an adult attend with them. After the continental breakfast children will have an opportunity for autographs in their “passport” that will be given at the door and photo op with characters. Characters will lead children in a sing-along and teach them a few of their dance moves. Reserve your spot for this fun event by purchasing your advance tickets online. In addition, tickets may be purchased for the 10:30 showing of Madagascar, Jr. for $10.

Tickets will be available for purchase beginning August 27th.

This project was supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Arts.

Thank you!

We appreciate all of you who auditioned! Cant wait to get started!

Please check the cast list carefully, your name may appear more than once.

Company Meeting is on Thursday August 24th at 6:30 at Rockingham County High School. Please be on time. Each cast member must have an adult family member in attendance.

-After the company meeting be prepared to sing and dance at the company meeting. Make sure you wear close toed shoes and dance attire.

- There is a private page on facebook (TGRC Madagascar Jr.) . Please add this page. There I will post videos of dances and updates and reminders.

-Scripts are $7.50. If you would like one at company meeting please have a check or cash ready. You may keep your script at the end of the show. Each cast member/family is required to purchase one script.

-T-shirts will be $15, anything over an XL will be $17.

- We will be taking headshots at the company meeting so please wear a solid jewel toned shirt.

- Biographies will be due on September 15th. Please keep them to 40 words or less and email your finalized bio to Kristin Cardewll at The sooner the better!

- BREAK-A-LEGS are due by September 25th

*Break-A-Leg Pricing*

¼ page $15

½ page $25

Full page $35

Tribute ad (12 word minimum, no graphics) $5

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.

Cast List

Marty- Riley Hawkins

Alex- Amon Griffin

Gloria- Katelyn Sarwi

Melman- Khloie McClain

Zelda- Treasure Aikens

Zeke- Addison Woods

Zoe- Audrey Shaw

Zookeepers- Meredith Anderson, Josie Powell, Carole-Ann Page, Kylie Huffman, Lizi Janney

The Penguins

Skipper- Maddie Barrett

Kowalski- Riley Suthard

Private- Georgia Wood

Rico- Jacob Jackson

Mason- Logan Hammock

King Julien- Gabe Wood

Maurice- Jared Smith

The Lemurs

Mort- Ana Grace Hazelwood

Lee- Bella Reece Shearer

Lynn- Amy Evans

Lew- Lucas Parrish

Lars- Gavin Nykamp

Lemurs- Annie Grace Chilton, Colton Seacat, Braeden Seacat, Clarissa Hamlin, Rachel Broadway, Emma Rose Foster, Maddie Morrison, Rebekah Dowdle, Ella Kate Staley, Maria Wilson, Caraline Corum, Nathaniel Wiles, Audrey Shaw, Emily Wesley, Addison Wood, Kenzie Tate, Meredith Anderson, Kylie Huffman, Lizi Janney, Saddie Aheron, Mayrin Becerra, Brenna Morrison

Camera Operator- Saddie Aheron

Old Lady- Sara Williams

Candy Hammernose- Thea Dowdle

Passerby- Brenna Morrison

Police Officers #1 and #2- Faith Brantley, Annie Daniels

Animal Control Officers- Colton Seacat, Braeden Seacat

Newspaper Man – Nathaniel Wiles

New Yorkers-Josie Powell, Addison Wood, Treasure Aiken, Rebekah Dowdle, Clarissa Hamlin, Rachel Broadway, Luke Williams, Maddie Morrison

Ship's Captain- Luke Williams

Lioness 1- Abby Lucas

The Lionesses -Dafne Becerra, Alexis Witt, Annabel Hayes, Annie Daniels, Carmen Wallace

Lead Servers- Emily Wesley, Addison Woods, Kenzie Tate, Meredith Anderson, Kylie Huffman, Lizi Janney

The Foosa Leader -Luke Williams

The Foosas – Josie Powell, Carole-Ann Page, Sara Williams, Dafne Becerra, Abby Lucas, Thea Dowdle, Treasure Aikens, Annabel Hayes, Alexis Witt, Annie Daniels, Faith Brantley, Carmen Wallace

Steaks- Josie Powell, Carole-Ann Page, Sara Williams, Carmen Wallace, Dafne Becerra, Abby Lucas, Thea Dowdle, Treasure Aikens, Alexis Witt, Faith Brantley, Annabel Hayes, Annie Daniels

*Everyone is in the opening number “It’s Show Time” except for King Julian, Maurice and Mason.

*If are unable to accept a role please email me , Makia Aikens, at as common theatre courtesy by 9 a.m. on Thursday morning. *