Footloose The Musical

Footloose The Musical


November 30th - 7:30

December 1st - 7:30

December 2nd - 7:30

December 3rd - 2:30

Rockingham Community College

* Some use of mild language may not be suitable for children under 10.

Production Staff

Director, Musical Director, and Costumes - Justin Bulla

Stage Manager - Maddie Barham

Choreographer - Andrew Duggins

Assistant Stage Manager - Cheyenne Doom, Emily Sizemore

Sound - Evan Tanner

Props - Makia Aikens

Producer - Dana Patterson

Buy Tickets

Thank you so much for auditioning! Please attend our company meeting at 7pm on Monday, October 16th. There will be a production meeting following at 745. Please be prepared to purchase a script and a t-shirt (optional). Stage Manager Maddie Barham will be sending out an email soon with more information. Please email her at if you do not receive an email.

Ren McCormack – Teenage boy from Chicago – Andrew Duggins

Ethel McCormack – his mother – Christy Walsh

Reverend Shaw Moore – The minister of Bomont – Chris Everhart

Vi Moore – his wife – Kim Everhart

Ariel Moore – Their teenage daughter – Kaylee Vernon

Lulu Warnicker - Ren’s aunt – Kerri Potter

Wes Warnicker – her husband – Danny Tanner

Coach Roger Dunbar – the high school gym teacher – Bryan Pyrtle

Eleanor Dunbar – his wife - Nicole Weintraub

Rusty – Ariel’s best friend – Sophie Wood

Urleen – Ariel’s friend – Maddie Barrett

Wendy Jo – Ariel’s friend – Maddie Williams

Chuck Cranston – Ariel’s boyfriend – William Withers

Lyle – Chuck’s buddy – Jax Barham

Travis – Chuck’s buddy - Montel Bryson

A Cop – Bryan Pyrtle

Betty Blast – the owner of The Burger Blast - Kelly Janney

Willard Hewitt – Ren’s friend, a country boy – Tyler Bruins

Principal Harry Clark – Danny Tanner

Jeter – Ren’s friend – Jesse Morris

Bickle – Ren’s friend – Bryan Pyrtle

Garvin – Ren’s friend - Caleb Williams

Cowboy Bob – The lead vocalist at the Bar-B-Que – Danny Tanner

Cowboy Bob’s Band – Jax Barham (Cowboy 1) and Montel Bryson(Cowboy 2)

Irene – Katie Tanner

Her Back up Vocalists - Kerri Potter, Melissa Potter, and others TBD.

Ensemble - Jana Vaughan, Annie Daniels, Amber Hutchens, Kylie Walsh, Karamie Walsh (Dance Captain), Celena Forrest, Victor Dalton, Alexis Witt, Makia Aikens, Abby Lucas, Melissa Potter

ALL PEOPLE WILL SING IN ALL NUMBERS IF ENSEMBLE VOICES ARE REQUIRED. In ensemble numbers, MOST PEOPLE will be involved unless otherwise posted. I hope to finish the rehearsal schedule by Monday.