Silver's Secret


Sunday, February 5th @ 6:30 pm

Monday, February 6th @ 6:30 pm

Rockingham Community College


March 17, 18th, and 19th

Agricultural Services Building

Production Staff

Director - Maddie Barham

Stage Manager - Bailey Redd

Technical Director - Chance Wilson

Costumer - Abbey Carter

Backstage Coordinator - Luke Williams

Sound/ Lights - Skyler O'Neal


The Pirates

Long John Silver- aging pirate and loving father; old and dying

Old Smee- Long John’s first mate and truest friend

Black Beard- Long John’s oldest child; entitled, bossy, and always right

Black Beard’s Smee- Black Beard’s first mate; whiny, wimpy, and kind of dumb

Red Beard- Long John’s middle child; loquacious, dramatic scaredy-cat

Red Beard’s Smee- Red Beard’s first mate; obnoxious and clumsy

No Beard- Long John’s little girl; has something to prove

No Beard’s Smee- No Beard’s first mate; flirtatious, witty, and always right

The Lobsters

Claw- janitor; Red’s admirer

Red- janitor; wise-cracking jokester of

the sea

The Mermaids

Marina- head cheerleader; superficial

Coral- cheerleader; Marina’s follower

Oceana- another; clueless but upbeat

Typhoona- another; runs a support group

Seamist- another; the most down-to-earth

Pearl- another; cheerful and energetic

The Lost At Sea Souls

Joe- ghost pirate; amateur actor

Jerry- another

Jim- another

Jack- another

John- another

George- director, demanding and short-tempered

The Smugglers

Butler- honest pirate

Morgan- male pirate; Keeper of the Key

O’Malley- female pirate

Barbosa- competitive pirate

Wall- another pirate; sore-losing gambler

Molly- owner of the Smuggler’s Inn; tough and feisty

Audition Information

Auditions are open to actors ages 6-14.

For auditions, actors will be asked to read from the script so prepared monologues are not needed.

This show is not a musical, so there will be no singing or dancing auditions.

When auditioning, please remember to have fun! There is no need to be nervous. We are all there for the same reason: to create a beautiful show. We can't wait to see you at auditions! :)

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