Silver's Secret

Sunday, February 5th @ 6:30 pm
Monday, February 6th @ 6:30 pm
Rockingham Community College

March 17, 18th, and 19th
Agricultural Services Building

Production Staff
Director - Maddie Barham
Stage Manager - Bailey Redd
Costumer - Abbey Carter
Backstage Coordinator - Luke Williams
Sound/ Lights - Skyler O'Neal
Props - Jesse Morris

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for Silver's Secret! We appreciate all of you who auditioned! We decided that we did not need to do callbacks for this show.

First Company Meeting - Saturday, February 11th at 9:30 am

Our first Company Meeting will be this Saturday, February 11th at 9:30 am at Rockingham Community College.  We will take care of a lot of business at this meeting so be prepared for the following:

- You will be given your script. Because we were awarded the Home Savings Charitable Endowment Grant, we are not charging for scripts for this show. You will be able to keep your script from this production.

- We ask that all cast members donate $5 to our Encore Café budget for each show.

- We will order t-shirts for Silver's Secret with the names of the cast members on the back.  This is not mandatory.  If you would like a shirt, please be prepared to order them at the company meeting. You can pay at the Company Meeting or pay later.  The cost for t-shirts is $15 for regular sizes and $17 for 2X or larger.

- We will be taking "Headshots" (pictures) at the Company Meeting.  We ask all cast members and staff members to wear a solid jewel tone top with NO writing or designs.  A bright color will help your picture stand out!

- We will be taking costume measurements at the meeting.

- Following the business part of the meeting, the cast will do a read thru of the script.

Silver’s Secret Cast List

The Pirates

Long John Silver - Drew McGinniss

Old Smee - Anne Everhart

Black Beard - Hawk Shreve

Black Beard’s Smee - Alice Holmes

Red Beard - Micah Haberer

Red Beard’s Smee - Abby Lucas

No Beard - Reece Tuggle

No Beard’s Smee - Amon Griffin

The Lobsters

Claw - Riley Hawkins

Red - Riley Suthard

Baby Lobster - Maddie Morrison

The Mermaids

Marina - Thea Dowdle

Coral - Maddie Barrett

Oceana - Carole-Ann Page

Typhoona - Rachael Cardwell

Seamist - Khyah Strange

Pearl - Kylie Huffman

Mishell - Rebekah Dowdle

The Lost at Sea Souls

Jerry - Faith Brantley

Jim - Milly Cardwell

Jack - Brenna Morrison

John - Kaisha Muñoz

James - Maria Wilson

George - Jared Smith

The Smugglers

Butler - Annie Daniels

Morgan - Gavin Nykamp

O’Malley - McKayla Doom

Barbosa - Bella Reece Shearer

Wall - Gracie Lucas

Molly - Sara Williams

Smitty - Jacob Jackson

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Sponsored by 
Home Savings Bank Charitable Endowment

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