The Odd Couple, Female Version

The Odd Couple - Female Version

Director: Tom Murphy

Technical Director: Jeff Mericle

Stage Manager/Props: Claire Murphy

Costumer: Jessica Read


March 11, 12, 18, 19 - 7:30 pm

March 13, 20 - 2:30 pm

Rockingham Community College Auditorium

Thank you to all who came out to audition for this show! This was a truly difficult decision.

Olive - Kim Everhart

Florence - Kristin Cardwell

Mickey - Makia Aikens

Renee - Terry Lynn Ramsey

Vera - Emily Sizemore

Sylvie - KatieTanner

Manolo - Chris Everhart

Jesus - Kevin Ferris

If you do not wish to accept your role, please email Claire at asap.

Company Meeting is tomorrow, Thursday January 14 at RCC at 7:00! (I have updated from 7:30, so if you are there then its ok) We will do some business and then read through the show!

Please wear a jewel toned shirt for your cast photo!

Also don't forget to bring $10 for your script, $3 for cast party, and $5 for encore cafe donation.

T-shirts are $15 and are optional.

Thank you all again, we are really excited to work with you!

All who audition will be required to submit an Audition Form (MS Word / PDF) and an Audition Form Addendum found below (MS Word / PDF).