Arsenic and Old Lace Cast Info

Thank you!

We appreciate all of you who auditioned! Can’t wait to get started!

Please check the cast list carefully

Company Meeting is on Thursday January 10 at 6:30. The location is Rockingham Community College. Please be on time. We will be having a script read through.

-Scripts are $10.00. Scripts will be available at company meeting please have a check or cash ready. You may keep your script at the end of the show.

T-shirts will be $15.00, anything over an XL will be $17.00

- We will be taking headshots at the company meeting so please wear a solid jewel toned shirt.

- Biographies will be due on January 31st. Please keep them to 40 words or less and email your finalized bio to Kristin Cardwell at The sooner the better!

- BREAK-A-LEGS are due by February 20th.

*Break-A-Leg Pricing*

¼ page $15.00

½ page $25.00

Full page $35.00

Tribute ad (12 word minimum, no graphics) $5

Please follow these instructions on how so sign up for Remind texts. This will be our main form of communication.


*If you are unable to accept a role please email Makia Aikens, at as common theatre courtesy by 6 p.m. on Wednesday (January 9th). *

Abby Brewster- Jane McLelland

Martha Brewster- Pat Shumate

Mortimer Brewster- Jax Barham

Elaine Harper- Nicole Weintraub

Rev. Dr. Harper- Jarrett Nykamp

Teddy Brewster- Eric Smith

Jonathan Brewster- Michael Davis

Dr. Einstein – Ken Barrett

Mr. Gibbs- Charles Keens

Officer O’Hara – Chris Everhart

Officer Brophy- Nick Parleir

Officer Klein- Tyler Bruins

Lieutenant Roony- Jarrett Nykamp

Mr. Witherspoon - Chris Wood

If you have any questions or concerns please email me at We look forward to seeing everyone Thursday at 6:30 p.m.