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Dearly Departed- sneak peek at the character breakdown and audition requirements

posted Jun 1, 2011, 9:23 AM by thummel@tgrc-nc.com   [ updated Aug 26, 2011, 11:40 AM by Andy Fuller ]
More details will be posted later on the TGRC website...
Director- Tony Hummel
Stage Manager- Angel Morrison
Costumes- Angel Morrison
Production- Jeff Mericle
Props- Dale Smith
Producer- Angelika Thomas
Bud Turpin, elderly father who dies in the first scene (Doubles as Reverend Hooker) 50-80


Raynelle Turpin, Bud's widow. Christian, family woman who tells it like it is in a quiet unassuming manor 50-80


Ray-Bud Turpin, Bud & Raynelle's elder son. Recovering alcoholic who likes to take a nip every now and then. Terribly scared of death and none to happy that he has to foot the bill for the funeral. 40’s


Lucille Turpin, Ray-Bud's wife. Desperately wants to have a baby but cannot carry to term. Motherly type who tries to take care of everyone. 40’s


Junior Turpin, Bud & Raynelle's younger son. Completely broke because of a bad business decision. Recently had an affair that his wife finds out about at the beginning of the play. 30’s


**Suzanne Turpin, Junior's wife. Completely broke because of Junior's bad business decision. Could have been a professional singer but married instead. A bit passive/aggressive in personality. Sings a hymn at the funeral 30’s


Marguerite, Bud's sister. Devoutly and aggressively Christian. Very loud and controlling of her offspring and of any situation. 50-80


Royce, Marguerite's son. Out of work with no future plans which his mother never lets him forget. More of an observer than a doer. 40’s


Delightful, Bud & Raynelle's daughter. Overweight young woman who never really was allowed to grow up. Eats constantly and speaks only when spoken to.  20-30  (Must be able to belch on command)


Reverend Hooker, parish minister. A minister tired of ministering. Becomes "ill" at the funeral. (Doubles as Bud)


Veda, an elderly friend of the family. Caregiver to her sickly husband and doesn't let anyone forget it. 60-80


Norval, Veda's husband. Hard of hearing and hard to understand. Being kept alive by oxygen masks and medication.  60-80


Nadine, a younger pregnant friend of the family. Seems to get pregnant just by looking at a man. All of her children are named after famous actors. 20’s


Clyde, Ray-Bud's boss. Knows exactly how he wants to die. First priority is to "take care of our own" 40’s


Juanita, cousin by marriage. Very wealthy, very proper. Helps serve the food at the luncheon. Bit of a gossip. 30-50




Extra men needed for repair shop employees…non-speaking roles Ages 20 and up.


Joy of Life singers (male and female 13-18 years old)  - if auditioning for this role, you will need to bring a church hymn to sing acapella for your audition. These are non-speaking roles (need approximately 5 people for these roles)


**If auditioning for Suzanne- bring a church hymn to audition and be prepared to sing acapella.


All other auditionees will be cold reads from the script.  No monologues are needed.