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Welcome to Mitford



Comedy-drama by Robert Inman

Adapted from the Mitford novels by Jan Karon

 Welcome to Mitford tells the story of Father Tim Kavanagh, the much-loved bachelor rector of Lord’s Chapel church in the close-knit mountain community of Mitford--a community filled with heartwarmingly quirky characters that populate Jan Karon’s popular series of novels.

 Director: Jon Young
Stage Manager: Melissa Mericle

Technical Director: Jeff Mericle

Properties:  Dale Smith

Costumes: Tanya Willis
Performances: RCC Auditorium - Advanced Technologies Building
Friday, March 21st & March 28th at 7:30 PM
Saturday, March 22nd & March 29th at 7:30 PM
Sunday, March 23rd & March 30th at 2:30 PM


Father Tim Kavanaugh – Tim Wray

Cynthia Coppersmith – Cynthia Zielny

Emma Garrett – Marcy Pyrtle

Dooley Barlowe – Hawk Shreve

Older Dooley – Chase Myers

Russell Jacks – Richard Smith

Puny Bradshaw – Bridget French

Esther Cunningham – Donna Compton

Stuart Cullen – Robert Burchett

Walter Kavanaugh – James Downs

Uncle Billy Watson – James Farmer

Miss Rose – Carmen Skidmore

Sadie Baxter – Mollie Williams

Percy Mosley – Rick Shreve

Velma – Kristin Cardwell

Mule Skinner – Joseph Irving

J.C. Hogan – James Downs

Hoppy Harper – Christopher Wood

Principal – Kathy Glendenning

Head Master  – Christopher Wood

Laura Johnson – Kathy Glendenning

Lila - Sophie Wood

Lisa - Bailey Redd

Elvin - Jax Barham

Luke – Gabe Wood

Woman 1 - Brianna Zielny

Woman 2 - Faith Jones

Parishoners - Kathy Glendenning, Faith Jones, Christopher Wood, Brianna Zielny

Campers, Parishoners - Jax Barham, Rachael Cardwell, Samantha Cole, Tucker Neal, Bailey Redd, Gabe Wood, Reanna Wilmouth, Sophie Wood, Zoe Zielny

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